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Taco Salad Recipe

This taco salad will satisfy your craving for Mexican cuisine without the guilt!  We have made a recipe that will fit into your healthy lifestyle.  It is grain free, low in carbohydrates and incorporates healthy fats to help keep your hunger at bay.  Prepare ahead of time andRead More >

Coconut Oil Sunscreen

For many generations, coconut oil has been the main ingredient in suntan and sunscreen lotions. As time has passed, coconut oil has been replaced with many harmful chemicals that are meant to block the sun’s ultraviolet radiation (UV rays). Let’s talk protection As consumers we have been taughtRead More >

how to save on organic

  “Isn’t it expensive to eat organic?” That’s the big question. Yes, it can cost more up front for your food, but in the end you are saving money on expensive healthcare costs when your nutrition is at it’s best and your body can work at it’s optimumRead More >

The Five R’s of True Cellular Detox and Healing give us insight into our diagnosed or unexplainable illnesses. When you are given protocols in the cellular healing program, you will have an understanding of the why and how of the healing properties of your own body. As we join forcesRead More >