Erin Rinker
Rehab Technician


Erin loves her job as a Chiropractic Assistant/Rehab Technician because she is a strong believer in what chiropractic can do for adults and children. She started as a patient with Dr. Sandy Stanton in 1998 at the age of 6 with the simple complaint of stomach aches. As she got older chiropractic helped her with various injuries she received while in sports; keeping her moving and active. ChiroHealth has helped her find her passion for helping people and heal the body naturally.


Grand Rapids, MI


Certified in Level 1 RockTape Kinesio Taping. Working on Bachelors in Exercise Science/Kinesiology.

Favorite Hobbies

Yoga, backpacking/camping, spending time with friends and family, trying new restaurants, and learning the benefits of essential oils.

Enjoy less pain.
Experience more life.