Custom Orthotics

All pain comes from a source—and yours could be the foundation of your feet. Foot imbalances have a ripple effect across the body, and may cause foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, lower back pain, and other more severe conditions. The good news: we can help.

How We Can Help.

ChiroHealth offers Footlevelers custom orthotics, which begins with a scan of your bare feet. Our Footlevelers 3-D technology can identify fallen arches, pronation, and body balance, then identify how custom orthotics will help. After the scan, a full report will be provided to you, so you can see the problem areas that custom orthotics can address.

From there, we can order your custom orthotics from Footlevelers—one that’s fit for all your arches and tailored to your foot. This will give you a level of support that a general othodic never could.

If you have not been offered a foot scan during your appointment, have not taken us up on the offer, or would like to have your foot scanned again please ask when you visit us next or contact us.