Massage Therapy

A professional massage does more than reduce the stress of a long week. It relaxes your muscles, helps rid your body of toxins, and speeds up the body’s ability to heal itself. Performed in conjunction with a chiropractic care plan, our experts can help balance your body and help you feel your best.

How We Can Help.

At ChiroHealth, our State of Michigan licensed massage therapists are trained in a variety of massage therapy techniques and here to serve you. Conveniently located NE of Grand Rapids, we proudly serve the Rockford, Belmont, Ada, Comstock Park, Grand Rapids, and more of the greater West Michigan area. Our massage techniques include:

Therapeutic Massage – Therapeutic massage involves the manipulation of the soft tissue structures of the body to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasm, and stress. Therapeutic massage is used to promote health and wellness.

Deep Tissue Massage – Deep Tissue massage is a goal-oriented massage, where our massage therapist may use his/her forearms, elbows or thumbs to apply pressure. Deep tissue massage can be used in conjunction with Swedish massage to loosen the muscles in a specific area, or by itself for a mini-target session.

Hot Rock Massage – Our version of the patented hot rock massage utilizes smooth, volcanic, basalt stones to break muscle spasms with heat. The hot rocks, coupled with the application of gentle, gliding strokes to the feet and body, eases tension and stress. Our hot rock massage is a great choice for those unaccustomed to massage and a wonderful variation for those who are regulars.

Swedish Massage – Swedish massage utilizes a firm but gentle pressure and employs five different movements; long, gliding strokes, kneading, friction, tapping, and vibration. Swedish massage is known to improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improve flexibility, and create relaxation.

Sports Massage – Sports massage is designed to help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recover after a big event, or function well during training. Our sports massages are designed to stimulate circulation of blood, relieve muscle tension, and increase range of motion.

If you’re looking to relieve stress, improve circulation, reduce chronic pain, or help rehabilitate an injuries, come in for a consultation and learn how we can help.